Italian Paintings 1250-1450.pdf

Italian Paintings 1250-1450 PDF

Frederick Turner

Co-published with the Philadelphia Museum of Art

When the Philadelphia lawyer John G. Johnson began to collect art in the late nineteenth century, he defied contemporary taste by acquiring Italian paintings from the early Renaissance. He eventually donated his distinguished collection to the City of Philadelphia, and it is now housed at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Although there have been several catalogues of these paintings, including one by Bernhard Berenson in 1913, Carl Brandon Strehlke, Adjunct Curator of the Johnson Collection, has prepared the first complete scholarly examination. His discussion of such art historical questions as dating and attribution combines extensive archival research with information he gained through his technical study of the paintings with Mark S. Tucker, the Museums Vice Chairman of Conservation and Senior Conservator of Paintings.

Strehlkes introduction sheds new light on Johnsons collecting and traces the history of the acquisition, conservation, and installation of the Philadelphia paintings. Subsequent chapters situate detailed discussions of the pictures within the context of richly detailed biographies. All the paintings are furnished with a full description

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(From Circa 1492: Art in the Age of Exploration, a pamphlet of the National ... were brought to Europe by Arab traders during the Renaissance and Reformation. Medieval and Renaissance Art and Architecture in Italy; Church Furnishings, especially ... Exchanges between the Catholic and Orthodox contexts 1250-1450.