Monty Wins the Cup (Reading Ladder Level 2).pdf

Monty Wins the Cup (Reading Ladder Level 2) PDF

Jake Sparks

A gloriously inventive story of rip-roaring racing cars and chocolate milkshake by Jake Sparks, perfect for children learning to read. When Danny Crankshafts inventor parents build him a racing car for his seventh birthday, he doesnt realise how much it will change his life. Because Monty is more than your average car. Not only does he run on chocolate milkshake instead of petrol, he can actually talk by revving his engine. But when Danny and Monty enter the Tooting Wallop Cup, they find themselves up against Hugo de Horrible - the nastiest man in town. Can Monty win the cup, or will Hugos cheating ways let him lift the prize? The Reading Ladder series helps children to enjoy learning to read. It features well-loved authors, classic characters and favourite topics, so that children will find something to excite and engage them in every title they pick up. Its the first step towards a lasting love of reading. Level 2 Reading Ladder titles are perfect for readers who are growing in confidence and are beginning to enjoy longer stories. It features: clear type

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Amazon配送商品ならMonty Wins the Cup (Reading Ladder, Level 2)が通常配送無料。更にAmazonならポイント還元本が多数。Sparks, Jake, Scott, Kimberley作品ほか、お急ぎ便対象商品は当日お届けも可能。


item 9 Monty Wins the Cup (Reading Ladder Level 2) by Sparks, Jake Book The Fast Free 8 - Monty Wins the Cup (Reading Ladder Level 2) by Sparks, Jake Book The Fast Free $20.22 Free shipping 1 x Head Coach (Level 3) 1 x Development Coach (Level 2) The successful coaches would be expected to attend all trainings, and matches, with the training/trial period expected to occur from February 2021 and will go through to the completion of the Super W Tournament in July 2021.


Reading Ladder : Planet Earth ... Reading Ladder : Sneaky Animals ... Reading Ladder 2 Norman Naughty Knight & Flyin ... Reading Ladder : Monty Wins Cup.


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