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Everyone in my family has a special animal friend! 
My daddy has an elephant. 
My grandma has a bunny. 
My cousin has a kangaroo. 
And me? I have a bear! 

Join the whole family on this very special journey. Only, everyone in this family comes with an animal! Meet Grandma with her bunny and big brother with his dinosaur! This gorgeous picture book features vibrant illustrations from Emma Dodd and a warm, funny rhyming text from K.A. Gerrard thats perfect for reading aloud. Format Paperback | 32 pages

The National Geographic Channel is known for its award-winning shows on animal care and conservation. However, one show, “My Life Is a Zoo,” featuring the DeYoung Family Zoo, does more harm than good and should never appear on television again. Everyone in my family has a special friend! My daddy has an elephant. My grandma has a bunny. My cousin has a kangaroo. And me? I have a bear! Pile in with the whole family–and more than a few of their favorite animals–for a special car ride. With loving hugs and furry cuddles on every page, and a heartwarming surprise from Mommy at the end

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