The Judges House & Ligeia - Level 4 - Cd li.pdf

The Judges House & Ligeia - Level 4 - Cd li PDF

A Cambridge student rents a long-vacant home in order to study without distractions. Preparing for exams has never been so dangerous: Each night, an enormous rat materializes in a chair by the fireplace.
The Judges House

The story follows an unnamed narrator and his wife Ligeia, a beautiful and intelligant raven-haired woman. She recites The Conqueror Worm before she dies and suggests that life is sustainable only through willpower.

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Baskı Yılı: 2008


Sayfa Sayısı: 33

Baskı Yılı: 2008

Dili: İngilizce
Yayınevi: Atlas Pazarlama

Unquestionably, “The Judge’s House” is Stoker’s short fiction masterpiece. Alongside “The Squaw,” “Dracula’s Guest,” and “The Burial of the Rats,” it will remain remembered and celebrated as one of his greatest accomplishments. A frequent luminary of horror anthologies, it has become as ubiquitous to editors as “The Bo The Judge's House []. When the time for his examination drew near Malcolm Malcolmson made up his mind to go somewhere to read by himself. He feared the attractions of the seaside, and also he feared completely rural isolation, for of old he knew its charms, and so he determined to find some unpretentious little town where there would be nothing to distract him.

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"The Judges House" which is set in an isolated setting, this can clearly be seen when the author describes it as "…desolation was the only term conveying any suitable idea of its isolation." Here the author wants to portray the sense of seclusion, as this is a typical element of a 19th century ghost story.


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